Fergie and Dr Pepper Cherry: Full Brazilian Smooth?

We've seen this board on our way to work for a while now and every time we drive past we think, "So, The Ferg and Dr Pepper both shave their pubies?" "Dr Pepper Cherry and Fergie, now as amazingly smooth as a baby's bottom."

We're not the only ones who read the board this way. One of our moms agreed it's weird. How could Fergie's people let her do these ads? We bet probably definitely said (Auto-Tuned), "Fergie -- that sounds kinda boom boom pow."

Here's the TV spot, featuring Count Chocula Fergie Ferg for Dr Pepper Cherry. Warning: Dr Pepper Cherry is apparently filled with knotted cherry stems. Which would make us vom, but Fergie seems to be into it. Because she's smooth?

So confused.

But, at least those ads made these dudes do this:

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