Fiat Has an In-Car Coffee Maker Now

You know the Fiat commercial with the hot Italian woman in the black dress who dribbles froth on her chest while scolding a flustered simpleton? Well, maybe that was a teaser of other sorts. According to Autoblog, the new Fiat 500L is going to have the first ever in-car coffee maker.

The Coffee Experience "kit" was developed by Italian coffee maker Lavazza just for the Fiat and sits nestled between the front seats, a bit back from the gearshift. It comes with a sugar holder. Frother sold seperately.

But, Autoblog doesn't expect the Fiat coffee maker kit to make it into the cars sold in our highly litigious nation. Although, upon further review, it appears the gadget can be put in any car.

In other news, Autoblog points out that the new Fiat 500L has a glass roof that spans over five square feet. That would worry me more than piping hot coffee at my elbow. I mean seriously, do they know about stuff like this?


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