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Fieri Sightings, Burgers, Puffy Tacos and New Openings: The Week in Dallas' Food Scene

Ugh, indeed.

I'm definitely still the new guy. I don't know how I can be described as anything but the new guy when you take into account my antics at the Loon last night. Apparently they pour their drinks with a heavy, heavy hand, and I was the last to know.

The weekend is here, though, and with any luck and some rest I should be back in the saddle again in just a few hours. There's still a lot of Dallas to eat, and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. My hunger's resilient though. Thankfully my liver appears to be as well.

Here's what you missed this week:

I reviewed Goodfriend and had a pretty difficult time tempering my enthusiasm. If you're in East Dallas you should check it out, and if you're not in East Dallas you should find a reason to be in East Dallas so you can check it out.

Christmas is coming, and if you want to buy tamales for you holiday we've collected some numbers and deadlines for your order. And if you're into that whole Tex-Mex thing, five of Dallas' best locations are listed here. Check out our readers' suggestions in the comments.

Elsewhere on City of Ate, Lauren tracked Guy Fieri's movements about town as he filmed for his show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Apparently Fiery has taken to blessing restaurants with a sharpie, not unlike kids in Brooklyn tagging trains. Joe reacted accordingly.

We ducked into two new restaurants this week. Thai-Rrific has a goofy name and the loudest cake ever created, but the food looks worth a try. And Company Cafe's second location is open for business, too. We reviewed the first location this summer, here.

Justin kicked off a new feature this week. Just so you know, Dallas food bloggers, we want your porn. We'll continue to monitor our feeds for hot shots worth sharing.

Over at the News, Leslie Brenner delivered an encore to my review of Bistro 31. For the most part we agree about Highland Park's newest bistro, so Eric Brandt must be doing something right in his new Lombardi home.

Nancy Nichols, on the other hand, was not happy with her plates at Meso Maya. She got nasty with Mike Karn's Preston Hollow Mexican joint, and her commenters fired back. Everyone that left their thoughts on the review disagreed with the critic.

Say what you want about SideDish's opinions, but you have to love the food porn. Check out this place. I want to eat there -- soon.

Since I have tamales on the brain, Steven Doyle's interview with Abraham Salum, over on CraveDFW, has my mouth watering. The industry blog also has a really cool photo essay on some lesser known fish you should try. They all look good. Didn't see the Tacobots this week, though. Did you?

Speaking of tacos, Jose continues to blaze it over on the Taco Trail. He didn't have anything nice to say about Ojeda's puffy tacos and suggested Desperados Mexican Restaurant on Greenville Avenue instead.

The Barbecue Snob wasn't happy either. He penned a cryptic number about a nameless joint that jacked up his goat. Anyone know who the culprit is?

And this weekend? You gonna go party on Greenville Avenue? Pegasus says the finished project looks awesome. Maybe if the weather's nice I'll have myself a walking tour and hit up Good Records, the Billiard bar and some of the other business that have been hurting for months. And when that's all done I'll be right back here next week, talking half-price food nights, checking out the new Bolsa Mercado and weighing in with my own thoughts on Meso Maya.

Turn off your monitors, Dallas. There's drinking (and, yes, eating) to do.

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