Fighting Off Hangovers and the Cardinals: The Week That Was in the Dallas Dining Scene

What are you doing sitting at your desk? Don't you know you could be drinking a Sazerac right now? I wish I was. But first there's a week to wrap up, and it's filled with pizza drama, digestion aids and holy shit it's a patio!

If you enjoy too many whiskey cocktails this weekend I've put together our five favorite hangover cures, which may come in handy if you have too many cocktails at Baboush. I dubbed the restaurant the king of condiments in this week's review.

The Cheap Bastard said happy birthday to Snoop and ate one too many foie gras-stuffed prunes -- a high class version of the ex-lax treatment she recommends for the incoming St. Louis Cardinals.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner beats City of Ate to the punch, outing Dough. The popular pizzeria isn't as certified as they may lead you to believe. You can read all about my dance with Dough, as well as my talk with Peppe, the Godfather of pizza, next week.

Fuel City installed a new patio and sent out an email to the masses. While many blogged, only one got it right. Says the Taco Trail: Fuel City Adds a Patio; Tacos Still Suck.

Timmy Typer wrote up a little number on Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House on SideDish. The take on the new East Dallas pub proves that pedestrianism can be a pleasure -- but beer helps.

Been to Bistro 31 yet? CrafeDFW has. The blog has a white on white photo spread of the new Highland Park Village restaurant that would make the Beatles jealous. And the Tacobots hit Lee Harney's for some carne asada on the cheap.

The BBQ Snob keeps on trucking. This week he's at OC Smokehouse, which you might remember from the story we ran on the tension between the investors at the restaurant when it was called Luckie's. Vaughn awards two stars.

Don't get too hammered this weekend and make sure to come back next week, when City of Ate briefly turns into the Dallas pizza blog. We'll sit down with Dino at Carne Rosso, chime in with our take on Dough, and tell you all about our favorite slices around Dallas.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.