Sushi Bayashi is now ready for your uni cravings.
Sushi Bayashi is now ready for your uni cravings.

Finally, Some Sushi in Trinity Groves

The foreseeable forecast frequently climbs past 70 degrees, with bright and sunny skies. That means it's time for extended patio drinking, in the middle of February, just the way God and Phil Romano intended.

At Romano's Trinity Groves restaurant utopia, the massive continuous patio that spans the front of the main building is likely the largest collection of outdoor drinking perches in all of Dallas. To further entice you, Romano and his gang have added a new sushi restaurant, slated to open today at happy hour.

You'll find Sushi Bayashi located between Kitchen LTO and Resto Gastro Bistro, on the front side of the main building at the Trinity Grove complex. Yuki Hirabayashi, who formerly worked at Victory Park's sushi lounge Kenichi, serves as chef and owner of the restaurant.

Hirabayashi describes his food as Izakaya-style. Expect sushi, sashimi, rolls and chef specials such as miso ramen, noodles, curries and braised pork belly called "Buta-Kakuni," (that's Japanese for "delicious"). To keep things laid back, some of the seating in the 80-seat restaurant will abut communal tables. Get ready to out noodle-slurp new table mates.

The menu is actually pretty small, with a few interesting dishes tucked into the fray. Fried chicken gizzards join appetizers including pumpkin simmered with ground chicken, pan fried tofu and octopus croquettes. Sweet udon noodles are listed as a dessert. Expect lunch service and the proliferation of the boozy battle cry "sunshine and sake!" to follow in the coming weeks.

Sushi Bayashi, 3011 Gulden Lane, No. 106, 972-684-5906, sushibayashi.com

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