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Coming Soon to Downtown Dallas: Ramen, Bao and Dim Sum

Chef Angela Hernandez's Cantonese roast duck is one of the showpiece dishes at Fine China, opening this month at the Statler.
Chef Angela Hernandez's Cantonese roast duck is one of the showpiece dishes at Fine China, opening this month at the Statler. courtesy the Statler
The Statler's multimillion-dollar renovations have already netted us a few new concepts: Scout, a bar and "social space" with shareable snacks, bowling lanes and pingpong; Bourbon and Banter, a faux speakeasy cocktail bar under the lobby; Overeasy, a modern lobby diner serving farm-to-table breakfast and lunch; and Waterproof, a rooftop pool bar.

This month, the hotel will unveil two more: Fine China, "designed for group dining and celebrating with friends" with "chef Angela Hernandez’s take on new American Chinese cuisine" and R&B, a "fast-casual ramen and bao spot" open for lunch and late night. Both are slated to open mid-July, according to a press release.

Fine China's communal-style menu is "inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine and techniques" and delves into dim sum along with dishes like the Cantonese roast duck, which is "seasoned from the inside-out, then roasted in the restaurant’s duck oven, offering a unique visual for guests in the dining room," according to a press release. "Available in whole or half portions, the Cantonese roast duck is served with cucumber, scallions, peach hoisin barbecue sauce (which Hernandez will change seasonally) and house made mantou."

Expect xiao long bao (soup dumplings), pork and shrimp shu mai with smoked trout roe, duck confit croquetas and "Asian-inspired Texas staples like roast pork belly with pickles and miso mustard and an A Bar N Ranch Wagyu NY strip with Sichuan steak sauce, mushrooms and smoked beef fat," according to the release.

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Fine China's spicy chicken wings, "in which the wings are air dried for a crisper texture, tossed with house made Sama Sama sauce and served with bread and butter pickles."
courtesy the Statler
The beverage program, under the Statler's beverage director, Kyle Hilla, "is centered around visual contrast and the deep tradition of Asian tea service," according to the release. "For example, the experiential Sino-French Connection (served as a cocktail for two in a French press), is served as a transparent concoction of dried lime, hibiscus, orange, grapefruit and sage. Once pressed, Takara Soju and fruit fuse inside the French press, producing a deep shade of magenta and multiple flavor profiles throughout the life of the drink." There will be a high tea service with imported loose-leaf tea and a menu of cold-brewed iced teas.

As for the space itself, expect "rich, floral wallpaper, "an eclectic mix of artwork" and a massive communal table that seats 28. "Hotel Costes-style sounds will complete the vibe of the space, with in-house DJs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights," according to the release.

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The Sino-French Connection is a cocktail for two served in a French press.
courtesy the Statler
Next door to Fine China, R&B will serve a "small, focused menu by Hernandez and Chef de Cuisine Josh Bonee. Focusing on lunch and late-night, R&B features the simplicity of a modern Japanese ramen and bao house, with limited seating and a standing counter." Expect soul and R&B hits from the '70s along with cheeseburger bao, pork belly katsu and chilled tomato mezemen with heirloom tomato and Thai basil. R&B's late-night hours are 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

The Statler, 1914 Commerce St. (downtown)
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