First Look At Qariah On Greenville Avenue

Qariah quietly opened this week in East Dallas, offering residents Lebanese cooking along the newly renovated stretch of Greenville Avenue.

The space is open and bright (the owners may think about turning down the lights) with indoor seating and a patio that offers hookah service. The real reason to check this place out is the food, though. A lot of it's hand-crafted.

The teardrop-shaped bread at Qariah is baked fresh in a brick oven in the kitchen. Use some to scoop up tabbouleh made just as it should be, with big pieces of parsley, the taste of fresh mint and tomato and an aggressive addition of warm, fruity olive oil.

The grape leaves are rolled here too. Instead of creating short, fat capsules, the kitchen binds the rice into long, thin cigars. The Lebanese standards are all here, including kebabs, shawarma, hummus and eggplant puree, and they also offer pies topped with spinach, spices, vegetables, meat or cheese.

Considering most entrees cost in the mid-teens and sandwiches run $5-6, all this hand-crafted cooking is a welcomed surprise. Qariah is definitely working out some service and menu kinks right now, but something interesting is going on in East Dallas newest Middle Eastern restaurant. It's worth a look.

1811 Greenville Ave., 972-855-8775

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