Penny Fischer, a member of the family that's owned Fischer's Meat Market since 1927, photographed in front of the quaint German-style meat market.
Penny Fischer, a member of the family that's owned Fischer's Meat Market since 1927, photographed in front of the quaint German-style meat market.
Karen Gavis

Make the Trek to Fischer's, the Pasture-to-Market Meat Shop That's Been Family Run Since 1927

Those who’ve eaten at the Feed Lot may have also eaten from the feed lot at Fischer’s Meat Market in Muenster.

Fischer’s, northwest of Dallas, ships beef and German sausage to restaurants and stores in Dallas and across the country as far away as Alaska, says Penny Fischer, whose husband, Steven, took over the family business in 2005.

During German Fest last weekend, as visitors converged on the town, Fischer’s niece sat contentedly in an office chair nearby while Fischer shared how Grandpa John and Uncle Joe helped start the business in 1927.

“The glockenspiel was Aunt Louise’s dream,” says Fischer of the parade of people and livestock that spin to music on the hour just above the market’s entryway. “The glockenspiel was her dream before she died, and [Uncle] Johnny made sure it happened.”

Fischer, 41, who’s from Angleton, says she accompanied her father to the meat market as a girl to sell hogs, then started working there while in college. As she talked, employees popped in occasionally to ask questions or relay information. The market bustled, and every register was staffed and busy. Nearby, one man bought sausage on a bun while a beer vendor hawked some German varieties.

Fischer says summer sausages and smoked cheeses are their best-sellers. The market started with regular summer sausage before adding jalapeño and cheddar, now equally popular. There are also smoked pepper, smoked cheddar and smoked jack cheeses, along with smoked and unsmoked sausages and lots of other items.

Fischer’s has several pens in its feed lot, and if someone wants a whole or a half of a beef, it can be cut up and custom packaged. Fischer pointed out various other phases that the meat goes through before ending up in a stainless steel finale where it’s seasoned with the family’s blends and stuffed into casings.

“We have restaurants in town that serve our sausage,” says Fischer, mentioning Rohmer’s Restaurant and Doc’s Bar and Grill. “If you went there and got a sausage plate, it would be our sausage.

“When you come here, hopefully, we portray the image of welcome to Muenster."

If people buy something, great. And if not, that’s OK, too, but the storeowners still want to chat.

“We like people coming into our town and seeing what our charm is,” Fischer says.

The meat market is open seven days a week, and according to Fischer, it’s the kind of place that would deliver a gallon of milk if someone had surgery and called needing one.

Fischer's Meat Market and Grocery, 304 N. Main St., Muenster

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