Five Awesome Bacon Costumes For Halloween

What are meat enthusiasts to wear on Halloween? PETA's least favorite costume, as worn by Lady Gaga, was a little too visceral for the enjoyment of the modern public. We're thinking bacon. It's a clearer, more-loved synthetic choice than uncooked shards of beef hanging from your shoulders. Yes...why not bacon?

Sure PETA'll still hate it, but at least you'll get some good high-fives. Either way, you'd better decide what you're going to wear because Halloween's pretty much here.

1. The Full Body Bacon Costume

2. The Impress-Your-Friends-It's-So-Bacony Bacon Costume

3. The All-The-Other-Kids-Will-Think-I'm-Awesome Bacon Costume

4. The Bacon Dress

5. The Original Bacon Costume of 1894

Bonus 6. Francis Bacon

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