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Five Beers We're Excited To Swill at BrewFest

BrewFest is dangerously close. Hopefully, you've taken adequate measures and are more than prepared for an evening of intense beer consumption in the streets of the Dallas Arts District. Last year's event was positively frothy with people and suds, and this year's event is shaping up to be even bigger.

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If you've not bought your ticket go to Ticketfly and get it done. Then get back here and check out the kegs we'll be spending most of our time leaning against.

Peticolas, Velvet Hammer (pictured above) We've written extensively about the Imperial Red Ale we think should be re-branded as the Hammer of Thor. This balanced beer packs a lot of ABV, and it's the best bang for your buck, er, sample card, for you booze hounds.


Lakewood's Lion's Share This heavy double IPA is almost better enjoyed in smaller sample sizes. The beer is full of character, with a smoky, woody finish from its time spent in oak barrels that have mingled with bourbon and then later with the brewery's Temptress milk stout. This one won't be for everyone, but it's worth a sip or two. Extra sample cards are only $2, anyway.


DEBC Dallas Blonde If you're one of those punk rock, super-hoppy beer freakers, you likely love the beers produced by Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Not all of their beer causes bitter beer face, though. If you like more understated and sessionable beers, the Dallas Blonde is what you should be looking for.


Four Corners Local Buzz Do you see this guy, with his bad-ass beard, midnight shades and the sun appearing over his head like he's been ordained by the brewing gods? How could you not want to drink his beer? John Sims' Local Buzz features the sticky stuff from local bees. If you like your beer with a subtle sweetness, seek out this man's beard beer.


Community Brewing Co. Community's Texas Pilsner is a limited release brew, which means you better get to drinking while you still can. It's 6 percent ABV, with some extra hops to balance out that burn and it just might become your favorite fall drinker -- if it's available that long.

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