Five Bizarre Food Commercials...Starring Mom!

Mom always knew what to feed us, and on Mother's Day we grown-ups celebrate that. But we can't forget those moments when you, Mom, devised new ways to get us to eat better--and the products that assisted in this war against all-things-Little Debbie.

In honor of Mother's Day, we selected some of our favorite ads that feature mom turning the weird up-to-eleven just to get us to eat better. Happy Mothers' Day to you Mom, but there are times when you make eating just plain awkward.

1. Skittles - We never want to "taste the rainbow" with Mom again after watching this ad.

2. Minute Maid - It's weird enough drinking the over-sweetened fakeness that is this orange juice knock-off, but why did Mom enlist Robert Loggia to make us drink it? OK, fair enough, Robert Loggia is awesome (takes sip of D.)

See the rest after the jump.

3. High Fructose Fight - This promo for the secret goodness behind High Fructose Corn Syrup (who knew there was any) gets awkward real fast when moms go for the jugular. One even says "So you don't care what your kids eat, huh?" Then, following an uncomfortable silence, there's a bit of a "You wanna step to this?" nutritional tongue lashing. It's more maternal drama than Everybody Loves Raymond.

4. Combos Man-Mom? - Beyond that fact that this commercial is offensive to women, men families and cross-dressers, we're creeped out by the fact that Combos would be the right way to go for dinner.

5. Dorm Halls - According to this commercial, if you leave mom alone for five minutes in your dorm room with a pack of "mouth-watering Halls," the sexual tension with your roommate will increase exponentially.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.