Five Dallas Coffee Shops to Help Break Your Starbucks Habit

As Alice mentioned earlier, Starbucks announced Tuesday that they are raising the cost on some of their products. A "tall" or 12-ounce coffee will increase by 10 cents to $1.85.

But why drink Starbucks anyway? Here are five better local coffee shops, no matter the cost.

5. Mercantile Coffee House. (See above) If downtown is your thing, Mercantile Coffee should be your stop for a hand-brewed cup for less than 'Bucks: $1.75. They use the Intelligentsia Brand of coffee that garners them a loyal following, and they also carry goods from Empire Baking Company.


4. Murray Street Coffee Shop in Deep Ellum will set you up with an honest strong cup for $2. This eclectic spot hosts live music and local art work with ample space to lounge.


3. Oaklawn Coffee. This independent and locally focused coffee house gets its magical beans from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, and a cup cost $1.89. (Until recently it was Urban Dog Coffee, but it recently remodeled and rebranded.)


2. Oddfellows. In the heart of the Bishop Arts District, Oddfellows uses Cuvée coffee beans roasted in Austin. Their coffee is the priciest at $2.85.


1. The Pearl Cup: One of the most brilliant cups of coffee you'll find in Dallas, the Cup's signature blend coffee is a custom mix of Indonesian, African and Latin American beans. A small is $2. But the warm fuzzies you'll get at this great spot are priceless. Besides, Starbucks baristas would never make you a froth flower.

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