Five Delicious Gift Ideas for Snoop Dogg's 40th Birthday

Today is Snoop Dogg's 40th birthday. Of course he's already been celebrating this birthday for days (most likely because he's so focused on making sure people know, "No, it's spelled D-O-double-G," that he has zero time to worry about what fuckin' day it is).

We know you're super worried about what you're going to give The Mr. Snoop Dogg for his 40th birthday. What do you give the gangsta rapper who has everything, right? So we created this helpful list of five great things you should give Snoop Dogg for his big 4-0.

1) Gin. And also, juice

Serve laid back. With mind on money and money on mind.

2) Pot-filled cake balls

Not sure if you knew, but Snoop likes the weed drug.

3) Bikinis, tankinis, martinis, no weenies.

He has told you California Gurls this countless times. Martinis: yes. Weenies: nuh-uh.

4) XBox made of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

Even Wikipedia knows Snoop Dogg hearts Roscoe's and XBox. Give him both and you win at life.

5) 40s on his 40th

We hope you have the happiest 40th, Snoop Dogg. We'll be sure to light up some candles (and other, more organic substances) for you.

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