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Five Fast-Food Breakfast Staples That Should Go Away -- Now.

Most important meal of the day, right?

The Associated Press announced Burger King's new business plan recently to add nine more breakfast items to their masterpiece of all-things-obese menu. The Sun-Times reported that Burger King's breakfast menu provides 12 percent of the chain's revenue, while McDonalds gets a whopping 25 percent. Shocking, considering the monstrosities some of these fast-food chains serve as breakfast qualify more as a gut-busting dinner -- and that's how you start the day.

Below, check out some breakfast health-shocker trends that we'd like to disappear from the fast-food vocabulary. Also, check out our sister paper Broward Palm Beach's list: they chronicle how Burger King can pick themselves off the fast-food dirt.

1. Hardees or Carl's Jr's Burritos
Loaded Breakfast Burrito 760 calories (440 from fat), 445 mg of cholesterol, and 1,700 mg of sodium. As a rule, probably should avoid food that comes with the word "loaded" in the title.

2. Breakfast Bowls at Jack in the Box
The "Hearty" part of Jack in the Box's "Hearty Breakfast Bowl" racks up 850 calories, 465 mg of Cholesterol, and 1,390 mg of sodium. Clearly, the name matches the bodily shape you take on inhaling one of these disasters.

3. Biscuit / Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches
While being oh-so-delicious (God help me, do I love a Bubba's bacon egg and cheese biscuit), these breakfast sandwiches are a terrible way to start a day. A bacon, egg and cheese biscuit sandwich at Burger King costs you 420 calories, 185 mg of cholesterol and 1,360 mg of sodium. Their Croissan'wich (registered for trademark) has 0.5 grams trans fats. Why?

If you're going to get a breakfast sandwich, get something that ends in muffin.

4. Multi-meat / "Ultimate"/ "Extreme" sandwiches
Jack in the Box's "Extreme Sausage Sandwich" (registered for trademark): 665 calories (421 from fat), 1 gram of trans fat and 1,356 mg of sodium. It has two sausage patties, an egg and two slices of cheese. Eating animal at breakfast time already racks up your cholesterol count for the day--why double it?

5. Fried Dipping Sticks / Hash Browns
A four piece "French Toast Sticks" pack, which a hungry human can probably knock out from their lap on the way to work, will cost you 600 calories without blinking an eye. Not to mention whatever the hell you're dipping those things in. How about this: one small hash brown pack at Burger King has 27 grams of fat. Now add that sucker to your entree.

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