Five Good Options for a New Year's Day Brunch in Dallas

New Year's Eve can be a pain if you're stuck with the wrong crowd. No one can figure out where to go, everyone is whiny about staying in, that one guy gets too drunk again this year and starts moaning about never having anyone to kiss at midnight. It's the heavyweight champion of frustrating nights out. But New Year's Day brunch, whether in the morning or late afternoon, is the redeemer of terrible nights out.

Most restaurants refrain from offering brunch until the weekend, because really what respectable adult has the time for bottomless bloodies on a Wednesday morning? If you're hoping to start 2014 off with a hangover-curing eggs benedict, then you're in luck, because we found five restaurants that are offering brunch this Wednesday.

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Meddlesome Moth The Moth will be heralding the New Year with its poached egg-fried chicken-jalapeno gravy concoction (pictured above) and its bacon waffles with caramel apple compote. Also? Beer and cocktails galore in case your resolution is to spend fewer hours sober this year than last.

Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery The winner of the Observer's Best Brunch 2013 knows to play to its strengths, which include cinnamon-raisin French toast and bacon bloody marys.

Malai Thai Vietnamese Kitchen Most people don't think of South Asian flavors when they think of brunch, but the tyranny of hash browns needs to come to an end. Malai offers twists like bahn mi French toast and "over easy" fried rice topped with a fried egg.

The Libertine Bar Half-priced Tuesdays may be as dead as Jacob Marley, but the Libertine is using that as an excuse to focus on turning out even better food than ever before. This is your chance to put their money where their mouth is (or rather your money and your mouth), and it offers the perfect chance to segue from night drinking to brunch to afternoon drinking.

Blue Mesa Grill Tex-Mex can be a terrible idea sometimes, but brunch does not have to be one of those times. Blue Mesa's chicken and mushroom enchiladas, for example, or the tamale-esque black bean adobe pie have miraculous hangover-curing properties. Utilitarian Tex-Mex is the best Tex-Mex.

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