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Five of the Best Fried Chicken Dishes in Dallas

When Buddha said life is suffering and suffering was the path to nirvana, I'm pretty sure he was talking about fried chicken. Think about it. Eat your way through this list and you will undoubtedly suffer. But you'll also experience moments of bliss that transcend the discomfort.

Enlightenment in a bucket of chicken -- Who knew it could be this easy?

Babe's (pictured above) Babe's is a temple. The original location in Roanoke churns out plate after plate of glistening chicken with crisp brown skin. While the wait for a table can be long, it's worth it -- the restaurant serves nothing but fried chicken and chicken-fried steak allowing for some seriously consistent chicken.


Pollo Campero Pollo Campero is surprisingly delicious considering how many fried chicken chains produce terrible fried chicken. Not only is the chicken well-seasoned and not too greasy, but it's served with a side of Central American flare. While biscuits may be the bread of choice at most restaurants, the tortilla is clearly superior. They're lighter, which allows you to eat more chicken, and combined with the salsa bar that's stationed near the front counter, allow you to make the best chicken tacos you can imagine.


Hattie's When the plate first arrived, I was pissed. Fried chicken can't be finger-licking good if you're forced to use a fork and knife to eat it. I wasn't going to include Hattie's in this list till a bite forced me to reconsider. Not only is the boneless cutlet both chicken and fried, it's also delicious. Hattie's serves up the juiciest white meat I encountered while eating my way though this list. It shouldn't be missed.


Pecan Lodge The Slim Pickins sign that denotes a pending barbecue shortage at Pecan Lodge isn't such a sad thing after all. The chicken here takes second place to the smoked meat, but it's a decent consolation prize. Order yours with mac and cheese garnished with a sprinkle of crunchy, smoky bacon.


Sissy's Sissy's sports one of the best bars in Dallas for dining. Bring a friend or three, belly up to the cool marble and tear into a bucket of the good stuff. Wash it all down with a cool cocktail that will make you forget how hot it is outside. This is enlightened living.

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