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Aperol and Rhubarb Play Nice In Five Sixty's New Cocktail

A new cocktail with an old ingredient that seems to work just fine.
A new cocktail with an old ingredient that seems to work just fine. courtesy Five Sixty
Rhubarb: the Southern staple our foremothers used for pies, the likes of which were probably cooled on windowsills and smelled three doors down. But did you know that the good old stalky vegetable is poisonous? The leaves contain oxalic acid that can give you a bit of a tummy-ache.

These days, we lose the pies and have a bit more fun with the dark red veggie's tartness — in cocktails. Five Sixty's new set of cocktails all have "house-made syrups and infusions prepared by executive chef Jacob Williamson," according to the restaurant, including one with some house-made rhubarb bitters.

Paired with gin, lemon juice and a bit of bitterness from Aperol, the drink may bring to mind the pies of the old days but is a whole new cocktail for your repertoire. Five Sixty ditched the rhubarb leaves, but stick to just a couple of drinks, or you may get a whole different kind of stomachache — in the form on a hangover.

Mother’s Little Helper ($16): Plymouth Gin, Aperol, lemon juice, simple syrup, rhubarb bitters

Five Sixty, 300 Reunion Blvd. (Downtown)
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