Five Spots Where You Can Get Some Great Oysters In Dallas

Earlier this summer a bad plate of oysters at Acme F&B left a bad taste in my mouth. Poorly shucked oysters at Chesterfield left me feeling burned, too.

At nicer restaurants, oysters from northern waters can run up to $3 a shell and when they aren't perfect they can be a big disappointment. A few other less than optimal experiences had me wondering if a lot of these places should leave oyster shucking to the specialists. This fall, though, I've been eating some amazing oysters around Dallas.

Boulevardier has gotten a lot of attention for their raw bar and it's deserved. They sell a rotating selection of northern oysters at $2.50 a shell, including Tatamagouche, Cape Spear, Shoregasm, Wellfleet's and more.

Tried and True has some great Barnstables on their menu right now. The oysters are firm and meaty, with a strong briny flavor and cost $16 for half a dozen.

Rex's consistently has great oysters at great prices. In addition to the East Dennis Bay oysters they always feature, they're carrying briny Beausoleils from New Brunswick, mild and creamy Lucky Limes with their emerald green shells and Moonstone oysters from Rhode Island. All of these oysters are mild tasting and great for people who are new to raw oyster eating.

Want to shuck your own? TJ's Seafood on Oak Lawn Avenue will send you home with a dozen Salutation Cove oysters from Prince Edward Island, or Chatham Bay oysters from Massachusetts $18.99. You can also order a dozen of either to eat in the restaurant for $24.

Are you a Southerner at heart? I've been eating some great oysters from the Gulf at Dodie's on Greenville Avenue. At $12 dollars a dozen they're a great value play.

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