Five Sure-Fire Food Costumes For Halloween

Unless your mom is my mom and she started sifting through costume patterns at Hancock back in August, you may be a little nervous. Halloween is twenty days away, and no one wants to see you reprise your role as the Can of Spam at their party.

I've had my own greatest food costume hits. There was the year Mom made my brother a pizza slice costume. I even got to wear it a few years later when my turtle costume was deemed "too un-feminine."

There was also the time when, in a burst of creativity, we dressed our dachshund as a hot dog. Now we've got a westie named Molly and it looks like the verdict says "hot tamale," which means that I've got twenty days to try and appeal for "Somali pirate." In the meantime, to ease your worries, we've put together a list of Top Five Food Costumes.

5. Fruit of the Loom guys Technically, these guys should've gotten spots five, four, three and two. The Internet suggests putting on your favorite purple outfit and taping balloons to yourself. If you're the leaf, then wear your Kelly green turtle neck and staple some dishrags to it. Done and done.

The apple may be a bit harder. Do you have any architect friends to help you out? Know anyone with a penchant for papier-mâché?

4. Lobster - I admire people who can commit fully to an outfit, and this is one of the least sexy, most cumbersome, put-a-lot-in-get-a-little-out get-ups I've seen. There isn't even much of variety - you're either a fully-cooked red lobster, or you're a live green one. And the latter doesn't make a lot of sense unless you can get Edward Furlong to be your date.

3. Gumball machine - I had a friend do this once. Basically, you put on your red track suit and nestle yourself into a clear trash bag filled with balloons. Everybody will rave about how adorable you are. Except for that one friend who will blog about how she sort of thought it was cheap, and no where near as cute as a pizza slice.

2. Anything phallic-shaped - Bananas, hot dogs, corn dogs, carrots, pickles, pea pods, ketchup bottle, Tootsie Roll, etc.

1. Taco suit. Obviously. This wouldn't have been a City of Ate post unless we mentioned tacos somewhere, now would it?

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