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Five Ways to Celebrate National Cheese Lover's Day

Monday is an actual American federal holiday celebrating the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. It's also National Cheese Lover's Day, which is a totally fake food holiday. And while we suggest you avoid calling the day "cheesy," we've compiled a list of ways to celebrate the fake food holiday. Because this is a food blog.

Get educated at Scardello This little cheese shop on Oak Lawn employees real, live cheesemongers. You can stop in for a block of blue cheese to sprinkle over a salad and find yourself in a conversation about the varieties of blue cheese ( Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Stilton) with store owner Rich or one of his knowledge employees. If you want to stick around for a cheese board, Scardello doubles as a wine shop. The mongers will help you pick out a few cheeses, teach you a little bit about each cheese, and pair a wine with your selections. What more could you ask for?

Take advantage of holiday discounts Apparently, Highland Park's cheese and booze shop Molto Formaggio takes fake holidays seriously. This little European storefront in the bougy Dallas enclave is offering 20 percent off all American made cheeses on Monday.

Go double cheese on your cheese steak at Truck Yard According to our food critic, when it's done right the cheese steak at Lower Greenville's Truck Yard is "one of the better sandwiches served in Dallas." Although it could be contested that Cheese Whiz is not, in fact, cheese, when you order "double cheese" the sandwich artisans will also melt slices of Provolone on the greasy pile of meaty goodness.

Eat a Grilled Cheese There are a plethora of tasty grilled cheeses in Dallas. As someone who is mildly obsessed with cheddar (pause for laughter at my mild cheddar joke), I've eaten quite a few. My three favorites are Goodfriend, The Common Table and The Porch. Here's a slideshow of mouth-watering grilled cheese pictures from sharpshooter Sara Kerens . (SHARP shooter. Well, you get it.)

Make a Mozz with help from the Mozzarella Company's Cheese Kit It's time to prove your love for coagulated milk proteins. You can pick up a make your own mozz kit at the Deep Ellum storefront that's been celebrating cheese since 1982. It comes with everything you need except milk.

How will you celebrate?

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