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Flying Saucer To Hold Plate Reunion Party

When the Flying Saucer announced its recent move to 111 East Third St. in Forth Worth, the manager was a little cryptic about what would happen to all the plates that lined the walls of the original location.

Customers who sign up to join the U.F.O. club (and pay an $18 fee) can drink their way into the ring of honor. The distinction earns "beer knurds" a plate emblazoned with their names that hung on the walls of the the old location. The ritual was popular enough to fill many of the walls. but those plates did not join the beer-swillers at the new location. Next Thursday the estranged plates will be reunited with their rightful owners, and the Flying Saucer is throwing a party to mark the occasion.

True to Flying Saucer form, some proceeds from the party will benefit the Tarrant Area Food Bank. They're holding a silent auction to raise money for the organization they've supported with canned food drives and other events in the past. If you've had a plate with your name on it at the old location it's time to realize your destiny. The party starts at 6 p.m. August 16.

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Scott Reitz
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