Food Day Is Here. Here's How to Celebrate.

Today is Food Day. And while most food holidays are utter bullshit, I tend to think that this is actually an important holiday.

Food Day is targeted, focusing on conscious eating, local sourcing, organic ingredients, and basically cooking like you give a damn.

According to a local Food Day Facebook page, promoters describe the event as a grassroots movement made up of individuals and organizations passionate about promoting a healthy, sustainable and just food system. The page then does a great job of rounding up Food Day events in the area (we profiled two of them here, and here).

Honestly, though? The best way to celebrate the occasion is by cooking something thoughtful for someone that you care about. Thoughtful doesn't have to mean fussy or labor intensive. Mark Bittman pummeled paillards in this week's Eat column in the New York Times Magazine, and the recipes are as simple as they get. Just try use the best local meats you can find when making the dish.

Or, screw it, go out and eat. You didn't want to fight the lines at the grocery store after work anyway. Check out Bolsa, which does one of the better jobs in Dallas at embracing the farm-to-table movement without breaking the bank. Or Cane Rosso, which takes pizza craftsmanship quite seriously. Pick a restaurant whose chefs treat food and their vocation as the culinary art that it is. And then eat the shit out of it.

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Scott Reitz
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