Food For Thought 4.27.09

"I remember it distinctly because the Diet Dr. Pepper shot right out of my nose and onto my laptop--for a moment I was worried I had shorted out the letter "F". Because really, how was I going to respond without an 'F'?!?" (Blogger Amy Severson, after reading in the Dallas Morning News about the so-called "Dewhurst Bill." A certain state senator, whose name is attached to the bill, was angry that he couldn't get his favorite wine at an Austin restaurant and rushed through senate committee a rule that would allow people to bring their own wine into any establishment. Dewhurst is said to be an aficionado, although as we've said before, a 'favorite wine' may not work with the establishment's cuisine--therefore it is impossible to confirm his status. Maybe he's a curmudgeon. Besides, some of us would love to buy Zubrowka, or bring vodka into a restaurant, or purchase any alcohol in a dry area. Guess we don't have representation. Anyway, Amy's husband is chef and owner of Sevy's. Very much worth a read here.)

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