Food For Thought 6.11.09

Apologies for the delays. The weather forecasts for yesterday evening called for a 30 percent chance of rain, so I spent part of my time in a tunnel at Pizza Hut Park and potential funnel clouds developed. Good thing they didn't say 40 percent--we'd have an F-5 tornado ripping through downtown.

Anyway, when was the last time a real restaurant diner tried something actually cooked by Gordon Ramsay? The foul-mouthed media machine has enough crags and wrinkles in his face to give a fair impression of wadded up sacks tossed in a dustbin, but he had the gall to make fun of an Australian TV presenter:

A photograph of a naked woman on all fours, with multiple breasts and a pig's face, was projected on to a large screen followed by a picture of Miss Piggy, the character from The Muppets.

"That was a close up I took yesterday of Tracy Grimshaw," said Ramsay.

He also suggested that the presenter needed "to see Simon Cowell's botox doctor.

(Borrowed from the Telegraph.)

After a wave of outrage--which included Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calling Ramsay a 'low life'--the leather-faced chef apologized, saying his mom had told him to do the down and frown 'sorry' routine. His mom later claimed she had not spoken with him at all.

Way to go, Gordie.

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