Food Network Coming To Dallas Seeking Cast of Competitors for New Season

So how'd that Thanksgiving go yesterday? Did you dazzle guests with your cooking? Was a particular spouse, ex-spouse, sibling, child, cousin or best friend especially helpful with polishing silver and setting the table?

If so, you and your new partner in memorable dining might want to spend the coming week buffing your bubbly personalities for the Food Network's casting call at Westin Park Central next Saturday, December 4 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The network's seeking competitors for the next season of 24-Hour Restaurant Battle, a program that pits two two-person teams against each other in an overnight restaurant creation game.

Here's the fine print: One team member must be a chef, while the other member should be prepared to handle the front-of-the-house. The members must have a pre-existing relationship, so no fair cutting a deal with your favorite caterer. And the application guidelines include the words "charisma," "energy" and "charm."

Finally, there's some paperwork to be done beforehand: Applications and more rules can be found here.


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