Food Network Hops on the Taco Trend

This morning the Food Network posted a simple and absurd tweet on its Twitter stream (@FoodNetwork): "What taco is tops?" This tweet can be construed as an assumption that the fascination with tacos is a fleeting trend. Furthermore, the update is clearly tied to their new show, The Great Food Truck Race. Taco trucks were at the forefront of this country's new obsession, food trucks. Food trucks wouldn't be popular without pioneering taco trucks. However, the network's upcoming show doesn't have a participating taco truck. Not even Roy Choi's Kogi Korean BBQ, which put taco trucks of all kind into the national spotlight. (We can think of at least five possible contenders worthy of a slot on the show, aside from Kogi.)

The tweet is so vague, so generic, it amounts to a your-momma joke. It's meant to provoke an Internet free-for-all: hole-in-the-wall taquerias vs. high-end fusion tacos vs. trucks? Food Network wants to incite a riot, push peoples' buttons in order to get in on the taco action, to increase their social-media profile in the world of tacos, not to mention the Food Network's dismal street cred.

Do you think Food Network is making a poor attempt at advertising its show? Is it jumping on the taco bandwagon?

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