Football, Barbecue and TacoCon: This Week In Dallas Dining

There is an undeniable energy that props of the spirits of humans across the country as the first week of September comes to pass. Last night, the NFL kicked off the months-long saga that is beer, chicken wing and nachos season and it's time to rejoice. If you're not a fan, there's always salads. Have fun with that. The rest of us are going to put on a few pounds and dip fattening things in bright, orange cheese food while watching the game at our favorite bar. We'll wrap the week up first, though.

This week I reviewed Chennai, a must-visit restaurant in Plano for Indian food fans. There are no nachos, but there are dosas, and to be honest the crepe-like creations stuffed with potato curry might take the win.

Elsewhere on CoA, could you believe we announced the coming of another burger bar? Say hello to Dee Lincoln's take on a little beef between the buns. We also told the State Fair of Texas to get it together on the fried food front, and added five more restaurants to our list of Dallas' 50 most interesting. We're getting close to the end.

Not with Gavin Cleaver, though. The Brit is back and he has trolled a barbecue troll. Apparently you can do that.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviewed Pakpao and awarded three stars. It was the service that kept the Design District restaurant from being something special.

Nancy Nichols gives Nova some tough love over on Side Dish. The beer selection failed to impress, but it was the bad shrimp in her gnocchi dish that really turned her off. It's a shame. I had the same plate when I was evaluating the restaurant for our interesting restaurants list and it was good. Chefs, kitchen costs be damned, toss the bad shrimp! Nichols enjoyed the rest of her meal.

There's a good chance all this food talk has cajoled hunger pangs from deep within. You're probably craving something savory, and preferably wrapped in warm masa, aren't you? That's a good thing because TacoCon starts in just a few minutes. Click here for the deets if you must, but you'd only be wasting time. Make haste to the Four Corners Brewery and embrace your desires. The Taco celebration starts at 6 p.m.

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