For the Love of Deep Fried Little Debbie: This Week in Dallas Dining

Hello? Is anyone out there? Is this thing on?

It's quiet around the Observer today. The cubes are empty and everyone is tweeting about wrestling with TWA, Greyhound and other modes of transportation. I think the holidays are in full swing, and I'm excited to jump into the fray myself, but first there's a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Soleo, the new Mexican restaurant that recently opened in North Dallas. The food there is good, but if you want to understand the heart and soul of this operation, you've got to check out the original El Paisa out near the Harry Hines Bazaar.

We actually looked at a ton of Mexican food this week on CoA. We checked out the tacos at the new upscale taqueria La Ventana, downtown, hunted for (and couldn't find) San Antonio style puffy tacos and covered Christmas tamales two ways.

Also if you're thinking about starting up a food truck LDD is ready to talk you out of it.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviews FT-33 and awards four stars, despite noting that the cooking suffered significantly on an evening chef Matt McCallister was not in the kitchen. The paper also reviewed Matt's Rancho Martinez. The relocated Tex-Mex restaurant earned three stars.

On Side Dish Carol ate some steak. It was good.

The Taco Trail takes a look at Taqueria Burritos Locos this week. If you go, make sure you try the chorizo.

I do not endorse this, and yet I'm compelled by it. Deep frying pre-packaged snacks seems like a horrible waste of your time, but the characters of Glut Life, make it seem like they're living the dream. It's oddly infectious ... And I think I have a zebra cake laying around somewhere.

I'll stop there. You're eyes are glazed over, and you're more interested in your fruitcake, anyway. Enjoy your weekend and the Christmas break and we'll see you right back here Wednesday.

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