For Your Weekend: Two New Bacon Creations

Not a minute too soon, let us begin our first full weekend of 2013 by taking a moment to ingest a few new bacon creations. One a matter of function, the other ... well, actually, aren't all bacon creations a matter of function? Of course, they are.

1. The Bacon Boat According to Urban Daddy, the bacon boat now exists and its passenger is a cheesy omelet. Well done, Pincho Factory in Miami.


2.The Bacon Weave BLT The art of weaving isn't just for Pier 1 furniture anymore. It's clearly made a jump to the pork industry. And with this, we think the bacon weave has finally realized its full potential. Posted on Reddit, this is how to get your surly bacon to stop escaping your sandwich. I know! We're all like, duh! Why haven't we been doing this our whole lives!?

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