Fracker Bombs, Coffee Bars and Farm Fresh Milk: This Week In Dallas Dining

I hope you're planning on having a nice weekend. Baseball is back, and the weather looks stellar. It's definitely a great week to check out your local farmers market. But before you head out, you know the drill -- it's wrap up time.

This week I reviewed Ascension, the chic coffee house that's been gracing the Design District with some designer coffee. If you haven't had the chance to check out the space, they've got a great patio. Just sayin'. In other coffee news, I met a drink called the Fracker Bomb at Mudsmith in East Dallas. The marriage of espresso and sweet, rich stout is something I can really get behind.

Elsewhere on CoA we check out the buy a friend a beer board at The Libertine Bar. My name has yet to be added to that list, but I remain hopeful.

We also marked a new state pie, called for the defense of raw milk, and sadly, said goodbye to a notable chef who has graced the Dallas restaurant scene with heartfelt, authentic farm to table cooking. Randall Copeland will certainly be missed.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviewed JoJo and awarded a single star. I'm surprised it even got one after reading a litany of terrible dish descriptions. Brenner also took her buddies bowling, but it sounds like they had a pretty "meh" time. More on the Park Lane "boutique" bowling alley here next week.

Over on Side Dish there's a list of crawfish boils you might want to check out if you crave such things. They also had a relatively clever April Fool's post that had me hooked until about the fourth paragraph. (I am shamed.)

The Taco Trail proclaims the potato and egg tacos served at Taquería La Chilanga the best in Dallas ever. He's been a happy about a lot of tacos lately.

Kelly made a meatloaf over on The Meaning of Pie. And yet she didn't save me a single slice for the meatloaf sandwich I've been craving. I'm perplexed.

And finally Escape Hatch has a bead on where you can spend $180 on a 4-ounce steak. Wow.

That's all I see this week. Go buy some vegetables, watch some baseball, drink some beers and be sure to come right back here Monday morning for another week of fattening, gustatory Dallas coverage.

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