Free Chick-fil-A. Need We Say More?

Well, actually, we do need to say more. There's a catch to this free chicken -- there's always a catch.

Come this Friday, everyone's favorite Christian-valued fast food chain will be celebrating Cow Appreciation Day, a quasi-holiday that no one, save for a handful of bovine-obsessed farmers, knew of before Chick-fil-A started incorporating it into their Sunday-less schedule a couple years back.

To celebrate, the folks at Chick-fil-A will be handing out free food to the chicken-adoring masses for just about the whole day, from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can take advantage of this juicy, meaty, pickle-topped deal in all 75+ Dallas/Fort Worth locations.

Here's where the catch comes in. Remember the catch?

Gotta' dress like a cow.

Dressing up in head to toe cow garb will get you a free meal. If you're not in the mood to full-on publicly humiliate yourself, you can simply rock a cow-themed garment (hat, shirt, bandana, etc.) and that'll get you a free entrée. Keep in mind though, those waffle fries are the bomb, so you'd be hard pressed to not go the full nine yards and cash in on that free meal.

For those lacking any cow-themed garments, the Cow Appreciation Day website links to a makeshift cowstume, complete with black spots, big floppy ears, a nice pink snout, and an "Eat Mor Chikin" signboard. On a related note, those cows really do have horrible spelling. Just awful.

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