Free Range Concepts & Pat Green Announce "The Rustic"

Dallas is going to get a really big bar. At least it looks pretty big in this rendering. "The Rustic" will open this spring, according to Josh Sepkowitz and Kyle Noonan, who also opened Bowl and Barrel recently on Park Lane.

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This time they're teamed up with Pat Green, a country music singer who promises "a full service restaurant and bar that will feature a dynamic outdoor backyard for eating, drinking and listening to live music," according to the news release.

I'll do my best to not compare this place to Toby Keith's Bar and Grill.

Chef Sharon Hage will be working the menu for this new concept, so we can assume the menu will at least be imaginative, but there are no real details given to describe the style of food you can expect. I'm going to take a wild guess and say this place ends up looking like Uptown's version of The Foundry.

"The Rustic" will be located at the corner of Lemmon Avenue and the North Central Expressway in the West Village area.

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