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Freedom Through Food Event to Be Held at Garden Cafe

Two weeks ago we told you about a guerrilla gardener and his request that we all go out and plant some shit. This week it only seems proper that we point out an event at the Garden Cafe that can help you get started. See also: - The City of Ate Chef Interview: 24-Year-Old Garden Cafe Chef Mark Wootton

This Thursday Mark Wootton is hosting a small gathering of like-minded people to facilitate some discussion on local and alternative food sources, among other things. Suzie Marshall, the executive director of GROW North Texas, and Marie Tedei from Eden's Organic farm are among the speakers.

"It's a pretty laid back deal," said cook/manager Wootton when I asked him about the menu. He's most excited about the cast of speakers he's acquired and the smart discussion he hopes they'll be able to facilitate for new people interested in changing the way they eat. Wootton's still firming up the menu, but he says it will feature Swiss chard, kale and winter savory from the back garden at the cafe. He's also working with Tom Spicer and Come Back Creek Farm to secure other produce.

Big deal or not there are some big names in the kitchen. Chad Houser and Graham Dodds will be cooking at the event. I had the chance to see how the two handle vegetables at the Joel Salatin dinner I attended last week. I'm telling you, the greens outshone the pig.

The event starts with a meet and greet at 5 p.m. and the discussion begins at 5:45. Like all events at the Garden Cafe, this one is BYOB.

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