Bruno Davaillon
Bruno Davaillon
Photo by Robert Bostick

French-born Dallas Chef Bruno Davaillon's
Take on Thanksgiving Dishes

It's a safe bet Thanksgiving coverage fatigue's set in when a national publication looks to a French-born Dallas chef for a vegetarian holiday dish.

But The Mansion's Bruno Davaillon came through for Tara Parker-Pope, who blogs about health for The New York Times. His recipes for endive salad, chestnut-apple casserole and spiced pumpkin crème brulee with ginger-dusted churros were posted on Well this afternoon.

The crème brulee recipe -- which calls for 20 eggs -- is the only concoction with a Southwestern slant: He tells Parker-Pope he only uses Southwestern flavors when he feels the dish requires it.

"I don't force it," he says.

Instead, Davaillon celebrates America through nuts and cheeses.

Of his endive salad, Davillon says, "With the walnut dressing and the blue cheese fritters, it has an American touch" -- even if the recipe does call for Roquefort.


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