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Fresh Ghost Peppers Have Arrived At Central Market. Please Be Careful.

Remember when I went to Zest Fest and ate the tiniest sliver of Trinidad Scorpion chili? It was no larger than a swollen grain of rice but I felt its effects for more than 15 minutes. The Trinidad Scorpion Chili has received a lot of attention in recent years, replacing the Naga Jolokia, or ghost pepper, as the world's most dangerous chile.

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You were a little jealous weren't you? Or at least a little curious. It's not every day that your food induces visions.

But your lucky day has arrived. In preparation for the coming Hatch chile season, Central Market has procured both the Trinidad Scorpion and ghost chili peppers. A small container of either will set you back $5. The Hatch chiles will be available in a few more days.

Considering what the smallest sliver did to my face (sweating, hot and cold flashes, waves of euphoria), I'd say the 50-gram containers should be plenty enough to keep you occupied for a while. And maybe pick up some milk on your way out of the store.

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Scott Reitz
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