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Frisco Is Getting a Whole Foods, and a Massive Slice of Fake Urbanism to Go with It

There's a new Whole Foods headed to Frisco. The grocery store will anchor the retail portion of yet-another-mixed-use-development project that promises upscale retail, fine dining, entertainment, hotels, places to work and places to live. This one is right beside the Tollway and south of Lebanon Road.

The new Whole Foods location will clock in at 45,000 square feet , an average sized store. The Lakewood location is about 50,000 square feet and the Park Lane store provides 80,000 square feet of high cost, high quality food.

The development project that surrounds the coming grocery store, however, sounds absolutely huge. Residents will have more than 1,200 multi-family residential units as well as 127 Charleston-style single-family homes to choose from. And as soon as they take the key they'll have 600,000 square feet of luxury shopping within walking distance to peruse.

And when they're done with that full day of power shopping, Whole Foods will be there to supply prepared kale salads and pre-roasted chickens needed for fuel. The store is expected to open in fall 2015.

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Scott Reitz
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