From the Snuffers, Pat's and Mike's Is Now Serving Pizza and Tequila Shots in North Dallas

Snuffer's founder Pat Snuffer isn't interested in talking about his past endeavors. Instead, he seems excited for his future in bar food and, now, pizza. His newest restaurant, Pat's and Mike's, is the start of a new chapter for the longtime, Dallas-area restaurateur -- one that includes his son, Mike, who plans on carrying the Snuffer family legacy.

Pat's and Mike's opened earlier this month in North Dallas and, according to Pat, things are going well. A mix of new customers from the neighborhood and customers loyal to his previous brand have come in and checked out the new place, and he has slowly become versed in the art of pizza production.

"We bought this place and it had a pizza oven," Pat says, so rather than pull the gas-fired Wood Stone oven out, they decided to teach themselves how to sling pies. After some trial and error, including rounds with too much cheese and under-cooked crusts, Pat says they've got it. And they're selling a lot of pizza, he says.

They're selling a lot of tequila, too, from the margarita bar that has been set up with a number of premium spirits. But plenty of customers aren't ordering margaritas to get access to the tequila, according to Pat. "Oh, yeah," he says, chuckling. "They're doing the shots."

If you prefer lower-octane booze, there are 20 taps, many of which pour local beer, and 24 more beers in bottles and cans. There are also plenty of TVs showing sports if you're looking for an excuse to put in an extra-long drinking session. All of this in a sleek new dining room in Far North Dallas.

Pat's and Mike's, 18101 Preston Rd. No. 204 C, (469) 941-4489, patsandmikes.com

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