Frozen Beer Foam to Keep Ballpark Beer Cold: An Un-American Idea

The Rangers are on a culinary hitting streak, with taco hot dogs, aka Carlos Danger Dogs, being the latest creation in the more-is-more concession-stand mission at the Ballpark in Arlington.

But this week the Food Beast posted the video above of frozen beer foam, now being served at Dodger Stadium, that acts as an icy head piece for your beer.

Turns out Japanese brewery Kirin has been working on the concept for a while. The Week reported on it last year and explained that the kids at Kirin freeze Ichiban beer while continuously injecting it with air, which creates foam.

The foam is then dispensed in frozen-yogurt fashion over the top of a beer and creates a cooling cap for the beer. In other parts of the world, the frozen beer foam lasts for 30 minutes. We're not sure how long it would last at the Ballpark, but isn't warm beer part of that seventh-inning stretch song?

Buy me some peanuts and warm Coors Light/ A few more of these and you might see a fight

I asked beer ninja Tait Lifto of Deep Ellum Brewing Co. when we're going to see frozen beer foam in Texas, and he questioned my integrity. Which is fine. But really Tait, when?

"I guess when someone resorts to gimmicks instead of beer quality. Just a guess," wrote Lifto. "A quality beer would likely fall to pieces even attempting something like that."

But it'd still be cold, right?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.