Frozen Yogurt Is the No. 1 One First-Date Choice In Dallas

How About We has been spreading VD one date at a time with the innovative idea that users propose a specific and simple activity for a first date. The idea is that simple activities make for good icebreakers and possibly prevent painful first date marathons. For instance, proposing "how about we try a new food truck" is considerably less noncommittal than the tradition three-hour dinner date filled with long-winded accounts of recent professional accomplishments folded in with sappy stories of your past relationship failures.

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A side effect of the site cumulative dates is a compilation of information that's making its way around the Internet city by city. I have to say Dallas, according to How About We, you guys are not very sexy. The number one first date activity is sharing an over-sized cup of terrible frozen yogurt and it only gets worse from there ...

Tacos, pizza, barbecue and cupcakes round out the top five, confirming that according to Dallasites, the best way to woo a perspective partner is getting fat together. Sushi is the only food date with any sort of elegance and that doesn't make the list until number nine. If that's not enough, the first restaurant to make the list of most popular date spots is Angry Dog.


Clearly I'm not cut out for Internet dating. I'm trying to envision a first date in whichI strain to resist telling a lady she's topping her frozen yogurt completely wrong, or try to make out after bathing in the grease smells of Angry Dog.

No thanks.

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