Fuzzy's Tower of Beer Rises in Arlington. Is Dallas Next?

The Fuzzy's Taco Shop in central Arlington, about 2 miles west of the Ballpark, is testing a new Tower of Beer, which holds 100 ounces of brew in a tall clear cistern. Outfitted with a chill bar in the bottom to keep it cold and a simple pour spout, this self-serve mini-keg can be filled with any of the beers Fuzzy's offers on tap.

Relieving you of the awful walks all the way to counter to order another beer, this tower is essentially about power. Besides, it just looks bad ass standing in the middle of your table.

This particular franchise group also owns the Fuzzy's in South Arlington (Green Oaks), Rowlett, Southlake and the Josey Lane location in Dallas. The assistant GM in Arlington, Michael Banchs, told me: "If all goes well with the beer tower at this location, we'll put them in the other stores soon, too."

The 100 ounces is good for at least five of their big schooners, so there has to be at least three thirsty adults in your group to purchase one. Premium beers towers are $17.99 and domestics are $11.99. And I highly recommend a plate of pulled pork nachos to help soak it up.

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