Brackets' pizza isn't bad, but it's not what we expect from Il Cane Rosso.
Brackets' pizza isn't bad, but it's not what we expect from Il Cane Rosso.

Game On: Eating and Playing at Brackets

Each week, Happy Eating highlights a different restaurant happy hour food menu, letting you know what deals are out there.

This week, we try out the Il Cane Rosso pizza while tuning up our ping-pong game at Brackets.

Where: Brackets, 5330 East Mockingbird Lane No. 100 When: 5-7 p.m. Monday-Friday The Scene: Think St. Elmo's Fire updated for 2011. Monday-Wednesdays sees a more corporate crowd. Thursdays and Fridays get a bit more raucous, especially if there's a big game on one of the many televisions. Happy hour is throughout the whole restaurant, not just the bar. As long as you're ordering food and drinks, there's free ping-pong, pool and backgammon. First come, first serve. The Deal: Half off all pizzas and calzones. There are 14 pizzas on the menu, including marinara, Margherita, sopressata and vegetarian.

The Steals: The most expensive pizzas, like the Clam pizza, are normally $15. So, $7.50 for a whole pizza isn't too shabby compared to that. The Con: OK, so they say these are Il Cane Rosso pizzas, but these, my friend, are not Il Cane Rosso pizzas. We've had Il Cane Rosso pizzas, and these pale in comparison. The crust is thicker than we expected, and the toppings are sparse. Eat: Sausage and mushroom pizza, made with Jimmy's sausage. Mmm...Jimmy's sausage. Lushworthy: Drink specials start at noon. Nice. The bottom line: Friends, games and cheap pizza -- as long as you're not expecting the real Il Cane Rosso experience, it's worth the good time.


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