Garden Cafe Finally Has Some Decent Coffee

More than a month ago, the Garden Cafe tweeted a picture of a sexy new coffee machine perched in the front of the restaurant. I immediately paid the neighborhood cafe a visit to check out the new java, but they hadn't hired a barista yet.


This past weekend, with the sun shining and an unseasonably warm breeze stoking the patio tables, the Garden Cafe courted a line of coffee enthusiasts.

The espresso is good, but lacks the subtle smoothness and viscosity that I've grown to love from Ascension's pull in the Design District. Still, Garden Cafe's new machine is notably better than the standard drip offering they've been serving since they opened.

At lunchtime a line reached from the front counter along a side wall to the door, and the patio was completely filled with patrons who politely fought over anything that could be used as seating. They jockeyed for a chance to eat pancakes, eggs with two sides and other late afternoon breakfast faves.

If you haven't been, it really is a very nice patio. It's nice to sit amongst the garden rows, listen to the chickens cluck and bask in the sun. It's a shame you can't have a glass of wine here.

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