Eat This

Get a Sugar Rush at Shipley Do-Nuts

Some may argue that a Bloody Mary or a little hair of the dog is the best cure for a nasty hangover, but a cup of black coffee and a dozen or so doughnuts always seem to do the trick for us. Serious hangovers call for serious doughnuts, and the airy, almost dough-less consistency of Krispy Kreme's glazed creations aren't enough to quell a growling stomach or relieve a throbbing head. That's when we venture to Shipley Do-Nuts (multiple locations) for a doughnut worthy of a 15-minute drive and two trips to convenience stores for aspirin and water. Shipley's glazed doughnuts are doughy and covered with the perfect thin layer of sugar glaze, making them an authentic alternative to those sugar-heavy air pockets made at other chains. Yes, Shipley is a chain -- one of the few good imports from Houston -- but the doughnuts are made in-house by people who love sprinkles, Bavarian cream and raspberry jam as much as we do. Plus, you have to give props to a doughnut shop that offers "The Big Earl," a foot long kolache containing a spicy sausage link, cheese and optional jalapeños that's named for former Houston Oiler Earl Campbell. The sausage jokes are endless.

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Elizabeth Bair
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