Get Ready For Your First Limited Time Offer From Trinity Groves

LTO has announced their first idea for the Trinity Groves pop up restaurant. Over the past few weeks we've told you about the concept that will feature a temporary restaurant that provides four short months of atmosphere and cuisine crafted by a chef and designer picked by local Dallas diners. LTO announced earlier today that Norman Grimm, formerly of Acme F&B, has won the first competition.

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Our very own Foodbitch covered the event that showcased the chefs and kicked off the popular vote that decided the winner. Here's a snaphot of Grimm's dish that earned him the opportunity.

Grimm's concept is billed as modern French/American cuisine, which isn't surprising since it mirrors his cooking at Acme F&B. The chef was hired to keep the gears turning as Colleen O'Hare and Jeana Johnson separated from partners Brooke Humphries and Brianna Larson. Grimm was eventually let go as Humphries and Larson decided Acme F&B should embrace a more casual menu. Now he's going to get a chance to run his own show.

Coeval Studio will be the restaurant's designers. You've seen their work if you visited Campo before it closed, the new American Outpost Tavern or Belly and Trumpet in Uptown. LTO version 1.0 is expected to open September 3, with a follow-on concept to take over the space four months later.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.