Get Shuckin' Excited For Oysterfest This Weekend

If oysters are an aphrodisiac, then there will be plenty of horny folks at Fish City Grill (2323 N. Henderson Ave.) and Half Shells in Plano (5800 Legacy Drive) this weekend. Both restaurants are hosting Oysterfest, a celebration of meaty mollusks that features an eating competition and a special menu for seafood lovers. All proceeds from the eating competition will benefit Wipe Out Kids Cancer, a local nonprofit organization. On Saturday, Fish City Grill will be serving oyster and andouille beignets, buffalo oyster tacos and other preparations of the slimy delicacies on their special Oysterfest menu. Teams of four participating in the eating contest will have two minutes (30 seconds each) to suck down as many oysters as they can from a platter of 100 shucked oysters on the half shell, and the winning team will receive a trip to New Orleans. Contestants can use any technique they want, whether it be shoving fistfuls in their mouths or simply slurping oysters from the shell. On Sunday, Half Shells will have their Oysterfest party, so if you really love oysters or just want to be super horny all weekend, check out both events.

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