Get Wined, Then Watch Top Chef

There's a little over an hour to get your Bravo-loving ass to Sigel's (5757 Greenville Ave.) to taste the latest in one of the few libations appropriate for a proper reality TV-watching Wednesday night: Top Chef wines. The swirl-fest features Quickfire Cabernet and Quickfire Sauvignon and is free to the public (of legal drinking age, naturally).

Jack Eastman, of the official Top Chef sponsor Terlato Wines, will be on hand from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. for the Quickfire clinking of glasses...and also to showcase and offer tastes of a few other Terlato offerings.

But the big news for those who want to cook like a true cheftestant? Sigel's is offering the chance to register and win one of five autographed copies of the Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook. Now, we're not exactly sure who autographed it, but as long as it wasn't Hosea from two seasons ago, we'll be fine. And if Eric Ripert so much as breathed on it, well, we might need to build it some sort of silvery shrine.

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