Get Your Chipotle Fix For $2 On Halloween. With One Catch...

Tomorrow is Halloween, just so you know. It's also Wednesday, which means if you're at least 23, you're probably working all day instead of getting daydrunk and flinging fake blood on one of your old undershirts to make a "costume."

But maybe you should swing by Party City on your lunch break and pick up a cape, because if you visit Chipotle in costume today tomorrow, you can get a "BOOrito" for just $2. Chipotle for the price of Taco Bell? Yes, please.

You can also enter their costume contest by submitting a picture of yourself, in costume of course, in front of or inside a Chipotle. All submissions will be entered to win the grand prize of $2,500. Five runners-up will win $1,000 and 10 runners-up will win a burrito party for themselves and nine of their closest friends.

The best part: Chipotle will donate up to a million bucks of Halloween Day proceeds to The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has deep roots in the sustainable food movement, helping to create a healthier food supply and more awareness of food-related issues.

Five bucks says I see at least three cases of "Sexy Corn" standing outside of Denton's Fry Street Chipotle.

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