Get Your Hot Coppa On Tonight With Eatzi's "Pizza Night"

Pizza Patron and Little Ceasars may have the market cornered when it comes to the whole hot-and-ready-to-go-pizza-pie thing, but those chains' pies don't hold a caper to the savory pizzas you can pick up at both Eatzi's locations every Friday  from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Sure, "Pizza Night" is only one night a week, and at $10 a pop the steamy oval-shaped pies cost twice as much as those carryout chains offerings, but, like most things at the popular market and bakery Eatzi's chefs don't skimp on the savory ingredients.

Both locations offers four different types of pies to choose from: Margherita, mushroom, "multi-cheese" and hot coppa.

Kerry O'Connell ,one of the managers at the Oak Lawn location, says they're baking 150 to 200 pizzas each Friday, and another manager at that location tells me that the sales have increased each weeks since they introduced the pies late last year. (O'Connell's favorite of the four, like mine, happens to be the hot coppa.)

Also, both locations offer a package deal that includes a pizza, a salad and a bottle of wine -- something Brook Briscoe, floor manager at the Lovers Lane location, refers to as the "romantic diner on the go." Just don't forget to pick up some breath mints.  

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