Get Your Shawarma While You Still Can: Samar to Close for Unspecified Duration This July

If you've grown fond of the delicious tandoor baked bread served at Stephan Pyles' Samar, you better start eating a lot of it. A renovation of the first two floors of the building that hosts the restaurant will force its closure this July.

The renovations will bring a new fitness facility, new conference centers, an upgraded lobby and a bocce court to 2100 Ross Ave., but it's also keeping Dallasites from one of downtown's best restaurants -- and there's no telling how long.

Lisa Endicott, who handles publicity for Pyles' restaurants, says the construction teams haven't told the restaurant group when they'll be finished with the project. Then she sent me a statement from Pyles that indicated it likely won't be till later in the fall.

The good news is the restaurant will likely be improved when it's re-opened. The dining room will be larger, the bar will be longer, and the patio is getting a facelift too. I'm excited to see what happens to the place, and I'm sure Pyles will reinvigorate the menu for the second opening. But in the meantime I'm craving a warm shawarma sandwich, just as it's served now.

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