Getting Bombed

For the last week or so, RA Sushi in Plano has been promoting their brand of holiday cheer, the Nog-asaki.

Cute, right? That's it in the picture: An eggnog-based cocktail celebrating the charred remains of those flash fried in the second atomic blast...well, technically the third, if you count the New Mexico test. Something D Magazine's nightlife e-newsletter insists will "impress guests" at this season's gatherings.

We're not here to argue the rights and wrongs of obliterating Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Both sides make valid points. We just think there are other atrocities, incidents of mass destruction, brutal dictatorships and other such stuff to laud in cocktail form. Relax with a Treblinka Sunrise, perhaps. Order a round of Contra Colas. Or just kick back at the old ballpark with an Osama bin Lager. Bataan Death March-ini, anyone?

Here are a few other happy hour specials:

Cristalnacht--Champagne and bitters, over lots of chipped ice. The kind of thing that will knock you out.

Pinochet Grigio Spritzer--White wine, cachaca and soda, a real coup.

Boones Farm Calvary Hill--Spiked with a strong red wine and good enough resurrect the brand.

My Lai Tai--creamy and fruity, lined up in shot glasses. Super-Calley-Fragilistic

Idi-tini--Something fit for the lord of all beasts on earth and fishes in the sea...or the last king of Scotland

CosmoPolPotitan--Little and fruity, but also red and deadly

Bhopalini--Even the fumes are toxic

--City of Ate Staff

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